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This is Bodie! Adorable isn't he? Bodie lives in a foster home with a small senior dog, dog savvy cats, and his humans, foster mom and her 2 college sons. Bodie is doing really well. He is a combination of confidence and submission. He loves attention and can be insistent for it, but stops if asked. 


The cats do not prefer his company and have chosen self sequester, but he does not challenge them when they fuss. He has good understanding of his role. Bodie has had face to face interaction with both cats and if cats growl or hiss, he leaves them alone. He has never challenged or forced himself on them. He wants their attention but when they reject him he backs away. He is likewise submissive to his senior foster sister. He sleeps gated in the same room as the cats, dog, and foster mom without issues. 


An area of need is transition and settling down. It takes him awhile to settle after transitions, he becomes excited and demands pets, but he just needs the repetition and reinforcement to get the idea. He's a teenager who is extremely intelligent, but pretends not to be. He will  need a family who understands the breed because without the proper training, routine, and stimulation he could easily be become a nuisance!

Bodie sleeps best when he's near his humans although he is crate trained. If you'd like to be considered for this boy, please submit our application!

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