Meet 2 year old Bella! Bella weighs a whopping 140 pounds, and while she's a tall girl, she is also in need of losing 20 pounds at a minimum. Bella has never met a stranger...her nub goes a mile a minute when company comes over, even repairmen lol. She just loves all people She also loves other dogs so she would do well either as the only apple of your eye or as a companion to an equally friendly, playful, large dog who will not be put off by her energy and size. No cats for this girl.

Bella is perfectly house trained. She can also be trusted not to chew anything she shouldn't. As big as she is, she will surprise you by how agile she is when she jumps up on furniture or the bed. Bella does know this is unacceptable and if told to get down, she obliges right away. 

Bella's love of people and other dogs also feeds into the need for whomever adopts her to have the strength and experience to manage her on walks or to be willing to work with a trainer if they don't. She becomes very excited when she sees other dogs while on a walk. It's not aggression, but rather over-stimulation fueled by all of her 140 pounds! Bella IS responsive to correction. There are strategies to manage this behavior and she is a bright, eager to please girl. She's just a social butterfly! The video is of a Meet that is the first time these 2 dogs met. 

**If you are serious about adopting , you must  submit a completed application . We will not do anything without an app. Due to the small size of our volunteer-run rescue, only the approved adopter may be contacted. It is not first come first served, but the best match.


Yes, if you are reading this, the dog is available so no need to check **

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