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Two year old Axel sure is eye candy. This boy's nub never stops! Axel has a lovely temperament and was a shelter favorite. His dog test was on leash and while eager to meet the other dog, he showed no aggression and responded to his handler's direction to sit.. Axel LOVES to play fetch and independently brings the ball back to place at your feet.

As far as adding him to a home that already has a dog, Axel is very strong and in your face with other dogs, not in a dominant way, but in a sheer excited way. He is so exuberant that he can overwhelm them with his boisterous, rough, in-your-personal-space-clueless excitement. We have been thinking about changing his post to ‘only dog’ not due to aggression, but due to his unsocialized play style. We could see another dog escalating and Axel not realizing he was the cause of it. If you already have a dog, Axel will need one who recognizes his intent and enjoys hard core play. 

**If you are serious about adopting, you must submit a completed application . We will not do anything without an app. Due to the small size of our volunteer-run rescue, only the approved adopter may be contacted. It is not first come first served, but the best match.

Yes, if you are reading this, the dog is available so no need to check **

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