Atticus is an 8 and a half year old lovebug from GA. His is a sad story to tell. His owner fell on hard times and left him outside the shelter with a heartfelt note. The note was clearly the writing of an elderly person and the pain that was felt at the imminent loss came through loud and clear. His owner even made sure it was known that he loves yogurt, but not peanut butter. He's 8 and a half and spent his whole life with them.

Because he wasn't surrendered in person, County law says he had to remain at the shelter for 7 days. We offered to 'foster' him, but it's not legal. So although he came in a healthy dog, when his hold was up and he went into foster care, he became very sick. The rescue he fostered with took him to their vet, but he continued to go down hill. He had to be hospitalized for 8 days until he could be safely discharged. The volunteers who help care for him nicknamed him "Cute icus  and "Sweet icus" lol. When he was 100% healthy, Atticus made the trip to PA.

Atticus is a well-mannered, friendly boy. He walks well on leash and shows no reactivity. He's actually quite agile and active for a guy his age! He is a very large, very sweet and docile boy. All 100+ lbs of him are gentle and he loves scratches and attention. He especially loves car rides and is a quiet passenger. Atticus is house trained and crate trained (although he tolerates crating he'd much prefer to be free). He's a wonderful companion and will occupy himself on a dog bed or by your feet with a toy or bone or ball. He's a big boy at over 100 pounds so no small children.

Atticus would love to spend the rest of his life with his own family again. Is that you? If so, please submit our application to help us determine if you are a match for this handsome, deserving, boy!

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