Athena came to us from a small rural shelter in South Carolina. They told us she was the sweetest girl ever and they did not exaggerate! Athena wants nothing more than to gaze into your eyes as you pet her. Her favorite spot is under her chin and she will get in position as a hint lol. She thrives on human attention but also lives harmoniously with her foster siblings. Athena prefers to dine by herself but is also so submissive she avoids confrontations with the other dogs. Cats are unknown. We have not had her around children, but because she enjoys peace and quiet, only older ones will be considered. 

Athena needs her kibble to be soaked. Meals of dry kibble cause her to regurgitate small amounts of the kibble. We wet her cookies too. If you'd like to be considered for this adorable girl, just  submit the application! Athena is a low maintenance dog and a pleaser!

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