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Archie is a young male Rottweiler mix between 1-2 years old.  He is the epitome of a diamond in the rough. It does not appear that he had an ideal start to his life however he has proven to be an amazingly loving dog who has made huge progress in learning how to be a dog. When he came into rescue he had no idea how to be a dog  He spent some time in a supportive kennel but that environment created some anxiety so he has been in a foster home with his foster brother who is also a young male Rottweiler, his foster sister who is a small mixed breed dog, and two cats. He has shown the utmost respect to the small dog and the cats. He and his foster brother have been pals during his time here. 

Archie has so much energy, he wants to play all the time and his foster brother does what he can to keep up. Therefore he would be ideal for an active person who wants to keep his brain stimulated as well as keeping him physically active. He knows how to play with toys and would love someone who will play with him as well as keep him thinking. He is not a boy who will thrive without suffcient activity to tire him out. 

Archie presents as very smart however he does show that he needs and wants consistent rule setting so he does need reminders of his manners. It is very clear he knows the difference between right and wrong but he does need reminders and consistency which is not atypical for a Rottweiler his age. He wants to please and he wants to be a good boy however he needs reminders of how to behave best. He will need a person who understands his young brain. He does want to stay glued to his person which will go a long way in his wanting to learn and please. 

When he came into rescue he was very anxious however he has shown that all he needs is consistency, patience, and love to be your best friend. He wants to be connected to his humans and will be loyal no matter what. He will do fine in a home with dogs and cats as he appears to respect them if they set limits and boundaries. It is unclear if he will do well with young children because while he wants to please he does not seem to have a good understanding of his own behavior and strengths. Because of this we are asking for homes with no children under 10.

If you'd like to be considered for Archie, please submit our application!

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