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This is Annie! Annie was heartworm positive when we got her from Kentucky.  She has finished the treatment so now that that's behind, she's ready to find her forever family! Annie is about 3 years old and somewhat petite for a Rottie. She weighs in at about 65 pounds. She's exceptionally sweet and her nub doesn't stop wiggling. Could she be any cuter? She's a pleaser through and through.


Annie is a little angel in so many ways. She loves her humans and gets along with other dogs, although she would prefer respectful ones since she's not a rough and tumble kind of girl. She's a gentle girl, somewhat timid, who loves affection and attention from her humans. While she worries a bit when her humans aren't home, she isn't destructive. Here's an example of her sweetness. When her foster has to go out, Annie is left loose in the house. While she is crate trained, she has proven to be responsible uncrated after a few weeks with the foster. Her foster leaves her with something to keep her busy, for example, a marrow bone or stuffed Kong. But Annie sits and watches the door. Once her foster returns, she then brings her goodie over and lays next to the foster to enjoy it. Nothing is touched or moved. She just waits. Such loyalty!

Annie does have a low level of anxiety for which she receives an inexpensive medication, a small price to pay for a special girl like her!

If you'd like to be considered, please submit our application!

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