Annaliese Marnie 1.jpg

This is Annaliese!  She and her littermate Jonah had a rough start in life, but have blossomed beyond our expectations thanks to a lot of caring, savvy people in their lives. Annaliese is 13 months old and simply a darling girl. 

This sweetheart is utterly devoted to her humans, loves playing with other dogs, is  good with cats, and loves tug toys. She has great manners under the puppy behaviors. She likes people in general including children. She especially loves jumping onto the sofa with wild abandon so she needs practice in refraining from this activity lol. Annaliese has no fear!

Annaliese's leash behavior is great. We use a front fastening harness. She is house and crate trained but cannot go an entire day without a potty break nor do we want her to be in a crate all day. She's an active girl with a work ethic and drive that needs to be met with a 'job'.


Her ideal home is

* active

* experienced in raising a young dog and continuing our work with her

* interested in and enjoys attending Obedience classes

* structured with consistent exercise and play scheduled into her days

*  has older, gentle, dog savvy children and parents who are super savvy for she is still learning about the home (such as what is a toy and what isn't for example)

If you'd like to be considered for this beauty, please submit our application. The more detail that shows us what you can offer her, the better!  If you don't demonstrate that you can meet her needs, we will not be able to entertain your application as a possible home. We also cannot proceed without reading your application. Thank you for understanding!