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Alexis is 8 months old. She was found tied to a pole with another 8 month old. We were contacted by Animal Control and brought them into Kodi's Club. They are absolutely the sweetest pups. They love people and attention. They also listen considerably well for obviously neglected puppies. They were skin and bones, but we're working on that! They are fostered in a multi-dog home, but have not been integrated free roam as of yet. They both respond immediately to verbal correction. We do see counter surfing in their futures, but they stop upon brief correction. They have not had a single accident in the house when not crated. They love their toys, playing with tug ropes, balls, stuffed kongs, and raw marrow bones. Alexis will need a family with a tolerant, balanced male to bond with and as a playmate. Cats are unknown.  Older children only who understand doggy etiquette. 

If you'd like to be considered as a match for this sweet beauty, the first step is to submit our application.

Alexis 1.jpg
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